About Us

Hello, We are Zinarya. Established 2015 – India.


In Hausa, the Afro-Asiatic language, Zinarya means gold. Hence, Zinarya by its very nature denotes wealth and prestige, the power of the sun which illuminates and enhances everything it shines its light on.

We are different and distinctive. Enriching and dignifying.

Everyone talks about customised jewellery; Zinarya is about personalised jewellery. Using latest CAD technologies and 3d Printing, we offer alternatives to our designs to make it unique as you are. Don’t just buy and wear jewellery; design an unique piece.

We provide you the option to alter our pieces by choosing from a list of patterns, adding memorable quote/name/handwritten text , adding glitter and being part of designing your unique piece that is a keeper.

That’s the ethos of Zinarya. It is contemporary and chic.

Unique Designs

Designs that change the perception the way one looks at them.


Options to choose from different materials , stones and finishes.


Make it unique as one is by adding variations that none other you will have.

Cutting Edge Technologies

Incorporating best practices from various fields of science to jewelry that make us distinctive and elegant.

3d Printing

Creating Jewelry that was thought to be impossible to make.


For the new age and bold woman.

Core Values.


We have a passion for premium jewellery and it is integral to our business that we continue to achieve the highest standards possible to ensure our customers get expertly-crafted pieces every time


We are committed to professional excellence, delivering on commitments on time and of the highest calibre. We adopt only the best practices in the industry and it is through our stringent processes and systems that you can be assured your business is in good hands all year round.


Our experience and knowledge of the latest developments in Jewellery is second-to-none. It is our desire to keep our finger on the pulse within the Jewellery industry therefore we make it our promise to expand and share our knowledge with our customers.


We believe we have an obligation and responsibility to our suppliers, our customers and the Jewellery industry as a whole. Doing what is right for our clients strengthens not only our relationship with them, but empowers both parties with the confidence to move ahead at a higher level.


The sum of all of our values helps us build long lasting, valued and trusted relationships. We aim to treat all relationships as true partnerships involving mutual cooperation and responsibility. We aim to instill in the minds of our clients, the understanding that they are in the forefront of our business – we make it our business to understand our client’s business!

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