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Focusing on 3D Printing as core manufacturing technology, Zinarya is using Math and Algorithm based designs to create unique, intricate and complex jewelry

Purchase and ownership of fine jewelry has been a tradition in Indian households since time immemorial. However, there has been little innovation in designing and manufacturing from jewelers. Zinarya is approaching jewelry design and manufacturing from a completely different perspective using two key tools: 3D Printing and Algorithms.

Zinarya uses 3D printing as its core technology to push jewelry manufacturing to its limits. 3D printing opens up completely new dimensions in terms of manufacturing flexibility. For instance, we are able to create hollow structures and complex geometric shapes without a single joint i.e. in one whole piece. Our pendant “Cobia” is a classic case of a completely hollow structure manufactured without any joint.

In another case, we are able to incorporate gold wires with 0.7 mm thickness into several of our designs (and also achieve 0.5 mm in some cases), which many jewelers will find it extremely difficult to work with, if not find outrightly impossible to deliver. The adoption of such growing list of design elements allows Zinarya to make products unique, lighter and consequently more affordable.

However, to utilize 3D printing to its potential, Zinarya approaches jewelry design from a completely different perspective. We extensively use algorithms and mathematics to create complex and intricate shapes and surfaces. These 3 dimensional shapes are then finished using CAD to create exquisite jewelry with patterns and motifs that are not used by traditional designers. For instance, Fibonacci series occurs extensively in nature such as the cross section of the shell below. Our earring “Nelumbo” has been created using an algorithm based on the fibonacci series

Importantly , our parametric design technology gives us so much control that diverse products can be created using the same algorithm by just adjusting certain parameters. For instance, it would be surprising for most people but the two products “Hoja” and “Kaballa” are created using the same algorithm. .


This brings us to another important feature of our design tech: customization. We are easily able to customize products with the choice of material such as yellow, white or rose gold and any form of DRESS (Diamond, Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire & Swarowski) on top of it, and is available as standard feature on our website. More importantly, with our technology we can cater to specific custom requirements of clients in terms of patterns, surfaces and sizes at a click of a button. Thus we offer a unique purchasing experience to our customers, while generating a personal bond with their treasure.

3D printing allows us to manufacture products with precision that were not conceivable earlier, while math and algorithms allow us to push the boundaries of design to create products that could not be imagined before. The combination of novel design approach combined with our 3D printing ability is the strength of our design technology. You can access our products at www.zinarya.com.



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