Jointless Structures

Jointless Structures
May 24, 2017 us
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Most consumers know, yet sometimes forget, that any hollow jewelry, is made by joining two halfs or more parts. For instance, a hollow sphere is made from two hemispheres joined together by soldering with an alloy. The more the area to be joined, the more the soldering alloy used. Needless to say that the soldering alloy has much less gold content than the product.

However, at the time of sale, the consumer pays for the weight of the alloy at the price of gold. It may seem unimportant but Zinarya questions why should the consumer compromise and buy products with soldering alloy joints when one can make products without the use of soldering alloy?  

This problem can be solved by Zinarya’s innovative jointless manufacturing technology leveraging 3D printing. 3D printing allows us to manufacture products as a single piece without having to use additional joints. That means no alloy contamination, resulting in full realization of the metal value for the consumer. The consumer does not have to pay the price of gold for the alloy content ever!

Making the product in a single piece, without soldering alloy, has its own advantages beyond just paying exorbitantly for the soldering alloy content in a product:

  1. Strong Structure: When made as a jointless single piece using 3D printing technology, the resulting structure is much stronger, which reduces the post sales handling and joint breakage problems for the consumer.
  2. Superior Finish: No joints assures the consumer that the product finish is indisputably superb.
  3. Low Product Weight: Zinarya designs products with hollow and filament features to ensure that the weight is the metal is reduced optimally for the size of the product. Along with a beautiful design, the consumer will also save significantly on the reduced metal cost due to the optimized metal weight up to 60% on similar product sizes.

Zinarya’s revolutionary jointless hollow and filament based product manufacturing technology ensures that the consumer enjoys all the benefits, which Zinarya naturally passes on to them.

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