Modern Jewelery.

Indoro Designs is a jewelry design and manufacturing firm based in Pune, India. Established in 2015 by two passionate engineers to bring innovation to the jewelry industry. We apply advanced mathematics and 3D printing to jewelry design and manufacturing respectively to create complex shapes and unique designs unseen in the jewelry industry. Indoro sells its in-house designs through the Zinarya brand.

Zinarya is a next gen jewelry brand that applies 3D Printing, Math & Art to creating unique jewelry. Our jewelry is designed to incorporate complex surfaces, patterns and motifs to create visually stunning 3 dimensional features. They are then 3D printed precisely and finished with care by expert craftsmen. We specialize in jointless filament and hollow jewelry, which makes them lightweight in comparison to similarly sized pieces.

Indoro’s design philosophy is rooted in the application of advanced mathematics and art to jewelry design. Mathematics is the language of the Universe. Everything in nature is governed by underlying mathematical principles. We have developed an in-house math based design technology by combining mathematical theory with artistic imagination.

Our Team